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Week 27: No amazon, Goodreads, NetGalley, Kirkus Reviews, Publishers Weekly. . .? Am I nuts?

They can all snog my fundament.

Maybe I am nuts.

Ms. Creant: The Wrong Doers!

Life With Women: The Long-Awaited Instruction Manual.

A few of you might remember my first book. Five years ago, I was a newbie who researched all the dos and don’ts of the publishing game and did everything possible to get a good book out to the masses. It was my attempt to save the world, but it won’t because the ideas put forth were too dangerous: taking our countries back, elevating women, ending racism. . . I suspected this when I wrote it, but I took my shot so I can die with a clear conscience. You cannot write a book which tears Western civilization a new one and expect it to not be suppressed.

I learned . . . and I remember.

  • Tellwell, the “author services” company I chose, either had no clue or didn’t care about book meta-data and the importance of accuracy when uploading a book. I’m pretty sure I’m still listed as e. A Barker or E. a. Barker on some retailer sites because I couldn’t be bothered to relaunch the book to improve searchability.
  • Right from the beginning I did not want my book to be on amazon, but I let peer pressure change my mind. To this day, amazon continues to sell Ms. C. physical books BELOW COST, rendering it undesirable to other booksellers.
  • If you were not already aware, Goodreads is an amazon company, ergo, I’m never going on that site again.
  • NetGalley and Kirkus Reviews are wildly expensive PAY TO PLAY review sites. Paying for reviews is wrong no matter how convincing they try to be to get you rationalize cutting them a cheque. Do bands pay for airplay? . . . Oh, I get it now . . . payola . . . never mind.
  • Publishers Weekly a.k.a. Book Life: The litter-box for indie-authors so we can’t crap in the main stream publishing sandbox. After requiring not one, but two paperback copies be shipped to them, they declined to review my book without explanation. I suspect the books I sent were sold on amazon as ‘new condition’ used paperbacks. Glad I could help you f-ckers out. Enjoy the money.
  • Similarly, all the [insert major city name] Review of Books were a waste of hundreds of dollars and probably added to the used paperback pile on amazon.
  • Oh, I haven’t forgot about the total lack of support from the Canadian media. You are just getting a temporary reprieve in the interest of brevity.

Things are different now.

  • I’m going to continue to publish books in various genres on Draft2Digital.
  • I still maintain if I write the right book, in the right genre, at the right time, B&N Nook, Apple iBooks, and Kobo etc. have enough readers to create a word-of-mouth hit.
  • I will continue to seek out and support reviewers and book bloggers who do not charge for reviews.
  • I will be watching Whizbuzz Books closely to see if they come through on their social media book promotion promises.
  • I will probably use IngramSpark without distribution to keep new books away from amazon. This will put the distribution of my physical books in my hands—an undesirable but necessary situation until Ingram figures out that their support of amazon will be the death of their company. I will pitch local bookstores, near readers who inquire after paperbacks, a wholesale price before selling direct to readers at retail. It will also give me something to sign if I ever get back out there.

I fantasize about a day when amazon cannot get their hands on my hit book.

Hey, I’m just a writer who is a little nuts.

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