Week 28: Waiting for your book’s Release Day—the calm before the storm.

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What to do with yourself in the weeks after the ARCs go out?

Serious, dedicated, professional indie authors—if such animals exist—will have a list of productive tasks to occupy themselves.

  • They might work on their website. Mine is good enough for now, so no.
  • They might get ahead on their blogging efforts by drafting new posts. I could barely come up with this idea, so no.
  • They might work on their mailing list. B O R I N G, so no.
  • They might be working on their advertising plan. I don’t have any money, so no. I am however waiting for Whizbuzz to let me create my ad in the week leading up to March 31, so that’s something.
  • They might create teasers. I’m not inclined to give too much away in short reads—the SPOILER effect—so no. Excerpts from reviews are something I will create posts for, if and when they start coming in.
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

There is a direct correlation between booby pics on my @EroticYou twitter page and my level of boredom.

  • Scrolling my twitter feed for naughtiness is fun, so yes.
  • Searching sexy media for this blog is fun, so yes.
  • Inviting your hot neighbour over for wine and bad decisions is fun, so yes.
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Keep it fun until the world decides your writing is good enough to warrant turning it into a business.

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