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The Official Release Party of the You & I Erotic Tales Series.

My You & I series launch party on twitter will be a socially responsible way of bringing authors, readers, reviewers, and book bloggers together for a badly needed blow out. Spread the word. Everyone is welcome.

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Put on your party hats.

Other clothing is optional.

Here’s the plan:

  • I will be online Tuesday, March 31 from noon EST until whenever in order to accommodate as many continents as possible.
  • LET THERE BE RETWEET MADNESS to spread some laughs, fun, and happiness as far as we can. Is there such a thing as a twitter orgy? Based on what I see in my feed on a regular day, it might be where we’re headed with this. 😀
  • If you are an author with a new book out, pop in, say hello, and @ or DM me the post you would like retweeted. Be patient with me though because I’ll be flying without a PA on this one. Reviewers, bloggers. readers, and sex kittens can shoot me your page links.
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Pour yourself a drink, take a few sips, and like, comment on, and retweet anything that tickles your fancy.

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