Week 29: Gearing up for the Official Release of the You & I Erotic Tales series.

I feel the same as I do when I board an airplane.

Things are mostly out of my hands now.

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Where am I?

  • An ARC review is promised for today but it has not appeared in my email as yet so I’ll just stay here hugging my legs sitting in the corner rocking back and forth while telling myself I don’t totally suck and everything will be okay. It beats worrying about COVID19, I suppose.
  • Whizbuzz Books has confirmed my ads will begin on the 31st so that’s something off the list. FYI: They have been way above average in email responsiveness when compared to literally everyone else I’ve been waiting on.
  • Tomorrow, the 29th, there might be a cover reveal on a book blog. This has not been confirmed so I’m putting it on the ever expanding “Wait and See.” list.
  • Monday will be spent making and organizing the tweets for what looks like a long Tuesday.
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  • Tuesday’s release party on twitter appears as though it may be well-attended. I personally invited anyone who has engaged on the @EroticYou page. Here’s hoping I didn’t miss anyone. I am curious to see if twitter users are more solid than those on flakebook in this regard.
  • The biggest question in my mind is one of performance and endurance. Will I be able to stay online for at least nine hours? Just how far behind my Notifications will I get? Will I still be answering them long after people have left? Will my tweets be typo-ridden once cocktail hour arrives? Will I care? Will some sex kitten corral me in a DM chat, making me forget all about my party? Tune in next week or pop in for a look.
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