Captain’s Log Week 32?

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Personal Log Stardate: 2020.33

“The ship sits dead in space and we have been in quarantine now for thirty days or more. I find myself losing track of days and even weeks cooped up in my cabin. Sure, I could wander the empty corridors of the Enterprise, but it wouldn’t be fair to the rest of the crew who are locked in their quarters. All key systems are on standby, and only Scotty, Bones, and key medical and research personnel are free to attend to their duties.

Yeoman Janice Rand and Nurse Christine Chapel should get commendations for their efforts to bolster my spirits. Their frequent private sex shows which appear on my view screen really do help for a little while. Of course commendations for them would mean condemnation for me. If Dr. Carol Marcus found out about the two of them, I’m pretty sure she’d lose her shit. . . . or would she? Carol has asked about a threesome. Maybe. . . No, I’d better not risk it—especially now. It’s a good thing Bones takes doctor-patient confidentiality seriously or I’d be fucked—and not in the good way like Ripley’s Pleasure Planet either. I am having difficulty shaking what I watched last night. Janice said hello from her sonic shower while talking dirty to me. The image or her hand working herself—how she squeezed her magnificent thighs together when she came—made me blow all over my communicator. Try explaining that to Engineering. I may need Spock to make me forget the image of her with a Vulcan mind meld for the sake of the smooth operation of the ship and her captain . . . at least that’s what I’ll tell him. I do this frequently just to mess with his human half and give him a raging hard-on when our minds are connected. Do Vulcans get hard? Does he even have a cock? I really must talk to Bones.

I envy Spock. Of all the crew, he is the only one who was spared this by being on Vulcan getting his nuts cracked as he does every seven years when Pon farr makes him cuckoo for Coco Puffs. Do Vulcans have nuts? I must ask Bones that too once he has found us a cure. Now that Spock has recovered from his affliction, it should be noted he has been working closely with Bones around the clock on ours.

As Captain, I assume full responsibility. Who knew you couldn’t go down on two Labians at the same time. They were TOTALLY fine with it. Not only are they smoking hot with their purple skin colour, but every time they cum their skin gets a bluish translucence which tastes like your favourite candy, only ten times as powerful. It’s a heady experience; one I hope to repeat in future. . . with just one woman at a time from now on though. . . I’ve learned my lesson. Imagine having 420 crew members horny as fuck twenty-four seven—rubbing themselves raw at their stations—with no way to control their lust—the entire ship smelling of cum which only makes things worse. . . .

Oh look, Christine is showing me her boobies and by the look in her eyes, this is going to take a while.

COMPUTER, pause log entry and save.”

“Yes, Captain.”

“COMPUTER, I thought I told you to call me ‘Daddy’.

“Yes, Captain Daddy.”

“Maybe we should change your name to ‘Bad Kitten’. We’ll work on this later. I might wander down the corridor to Christine’s cabin just this one time while we have a good excuse. I always suspected she had a freaky side, and she makes me crazy when she talks about how badly she wants me inside her. You had better list me as unavailable until 23:00. If anyone asks, tell them I’m in conferring with a medical professional.”

“Yes, Captain Daddy. Bad Kitten out.”

Attention, all personnel:

I thought I would attempt to lift a few spirits with this romp into erotic fan fiction as I have next to nothing to report on the publishing journey.

Stay well and don’t be like Kirk.

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