HAPPY NEW YEAR, sexy readers and writers.

I know I’m early with this greeting but I need to dance. It’s been quite a year.

May I have this dance?

Click the image to see what I have in mind.

This New Year’s Eve will be quite different for many people. In most countries, the option to go out to find a dance partner has evaporated, leaving about 30% of the population to entertain the idea of blowing it off altogether. I do not endorse this type of thinking. In fact, I am at the opposite end of the spectrum on this one.

We need to let go of 2020 like few other years we’ve lived through.

Put on your party dress; pour yourself a drink; play your favourite dance songs loud, close your eyes and let yourself move to the music. Maybe you can talk some friends into making an online event out of it. Perhaps you are a bold one who will open the curtains because you just don’t care what the neighbours make of your New Year’s Eve celebration—my kind of girl. Let yourself go. Let yourself feel. Dance with me.

I wish you all a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2021, you sexy things.

We deserve this.


There is another New Year’s post over on my E. A. Barker’s Blog Madness page. It’s my Year In Review.

If you still want more, my more serious side posted on my Ms. Creant blog as well.

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