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How I turned six years of blog-bitching into a best-selling book.

Don’t you hate it when people use deceptive blog titles just to gain exposure on the web?

He he he.

Here are the truths:

  • I have been bitching on various blogs for six years now.
  • I do have a new book coming soon.
  • It does contain some of the same bitching I’ve done previously.
  • “Best-selling” is a highly subjective term; in fact it’s pretty much meaningless unless prefaced by the Times, USA Today, or Publishers Weekly, and even some of their “criteria” is a little “mysterious”. At least they cannot be influenced by publishers merely by manipulating algorithms.
  • All my books make E. A.’s Best Seller List every year.

The $1.99 Author found a home.

I pondered the need for yet another website for this book for some time, so I opted to add a dedicated page to my original Blog Madness site as it seemed a good fit with my bonkers take on the book publishing industry. [Or is it?]

I hope you will follow the site or @EABarker1 on twitter to see what kind of shenanigans this new adventure brings.

Live to read. Write to live!

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