Love Note No. 1

Dear readers, these new posts are about you.

Or more accurately, the bad girl “you” characters in my e-book novelettes or the Trilogy novella.

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My new Love Note posts are also the topic of discussion for today’s erotica author blog.

How can we reach a wider bookish audience on social media?

How can we grow our following faster?

There are plenty of blogs out there with all kinds of tips and tricks, but none are specific to the erotica community. Unless you are a hottie willing to post nudes, (And my thanks to those who do. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.) you will be faced with slow growth of your following—especially if you’re a dude—which will primarily consist of other erotica writers.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have your book(s) shared widely by more traditional romance authors and others?

It’s not difficult, you just have to clean up your act a little.

For starters, my 18+ twitter page looks and reads more like the Playboy magazines of old than something from Larry Flynt, so when people visit my page to see what I’m about, they are more inclined to hit the follow button than to report me to twitter. I almost never post or retweet anything with genitalia unless it is from a famous photographer and wildly erotic. I’m also fairly certain I’ve never posted text using the words: cock, pussy, cum, balls, fucking. . . until now that is. Oops!

Just because you write hardcore books about aliens who need huge quantities of human vaginal fluids to survive, doesn’t mean you have to put graphic content in your pinned post or on your book covers. A couple of my biggest supporters have this problem. They retweet me, and as a matter of course, I go to their page and must wade through a number of their posts before I can find one I can retweet to my page which won’t cost me followers—you know, the naughty children’s author who publicly only tolerates occasional posts with boobies, while privately. . . or the horny Bible-thumpers who want to save my wayward soul by sending me nudes. . . they all matter, and I want to keep them.

Avoid making it difficult for people to promote your work.

Sell the romance.

There is probably some in your stories, or at least there should be.


Draxis had all three of his heads on my belly. His eight inch tongues were exhausted and barely moving. All four of us were spent and enjoying the aftercare moment when my communicator’s alarm sounded. It was Galaxy Command stating the Earth was in trouble.


I’d read that book, and most importantly of all, I could share it.

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