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Book love means something different here.

Welcome to my new series.

It has been a long time since I made up my mind to publish a book, and to be honest, I was not certain I wanted to ever again. Promises were made though, and I am the sort who keeps his promises.

Why Erotic Fiction?

The answer is simple really. . . I needed it to be fun in order to justify the effort, and nothing is more fun than sex if you are doing it right. Besides, no one is clear anymore on how to categorize books with sex in them. Is it “steamy romance”, BDSM, or erotica? Whatever the answer is . . . I’ll leave it to the industry to sort out. I write well developed stories featuring sexually explicit acts of passion with a dash of mild kink thrown in occasionally. What I write is not an endorsement of behaviours; it is simply an acknowledgement of them.

The You & I Erotic Tales series was released in three e-book novelettes before the trilogy novella appeared in paperback.

This allowed readers to “test the waters” with their favourite type of story without having to commit to the trilogy unless they wanted to. It seems many did as the paperback outsold the e-books—something that was quite unexpected. It also made it easier on ARC readers/reviewers who have huge TBR lists.

The Blog and the Reviews & News pages covered the entire run.

Progress, ARC availability, cover reveals, reviews, release dates. . .

Thank you.

It’s the Canadian in me. We’re a polite people. Do you have some Canadian in you? 😉

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