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A Tease


You are not any of the labels used to hurt you by the animals you’ve known. Those words are reserved for others quite different from you. You are an uninhibited woman with a beautiful mind who is unafraid to explore every aspect of her sexuality with all her senses. This makes you oh so special. I am honoured you gave me the time of day.



It is time for you to feel love.

You are magical-a conjurer who is capable of making me do anything you want. A gasp, a moan, a shudder . . . sometimes it is just knowing what the sparkle in your eyes will lead to that gives you power over me.

You are the smart one; the quiet one; the socially more reserved one; the girl-woman who took on responsibilities too soon in life, and who gave everything of herself-including precious time.

You are the unfulfilled one; the taken for granted one; the unexplored one; the used one; the one someone became bored with because they never thought to consider your depths.

You are the person I never knew was right for me; a type I had never sought. You have a soul; something I was never told was the most important, desirable, and sexy quality of all.

You are a rare special kind of woman who, in the right hands, is the personification of passion. As we explore your deepest desires, you will come to see how this makes you both powerful and weak.

You wish to please and be pleased, again and again, when someone sets your mind ablaze. On the rare occasion when this happens, you are always wet; wanting; waiting; out of control, and loving it.

You will learn a great deal in these coming moments about yourself. Your body, your mind, and your spirit will be harmonizing, perhaps for the first time.

You have been under-appreciated long enough.

You are the only one I see.



I cling to a foolish idea of love which goes back in time to the ancient Greeks who called it agape; a selfless sacrificial form of loving, forgotten in time. I have loved every woman I have known in this way. It has caused me nothing but pain and left me damaged. I cannot help myself. You are all so beautiful.

I am tall, dark, fit, bearded, with big hands, and a deep voice which makes all the wrong ones rush to the front of the line while the good ones, like you, shrink away from the competition. It is a curse which wasted much of my life.

I am the bad boy; the rule breaker; the rescuer of damsels in distress; a sucker for a pretty face or sexy words. I am weak that way. I have seen too much; done too much; been with too many empty vessels to consider myself worthy of someone like you.

I am a loner; a traveller; an adventurer; who some have called a drifter. I liked the sound of it and lived it until I found this too has limitations. I prefer the boundless; the unending newness of exploration in anything, or anyone, I choose to do.

I am conscious of how you can change my respiration by getting close and telling me how you see fire in my eyes, or when you touch my inner forearm and electricity passes between us. That fire is my lust for you. The electricity means we are destined for a carnal performance that will be remembered through the ages.

I want to touch myself when I think of you, and that is far too often for comfort. When I take you forcibly, this is why.

I love how you allow me the illusion of dominance, when in truth, it is you who dominates every aspect of my being. My mind, heart, body, and soul have submitted to you.

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