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Attention Shoppers

Now that the Trilogy paperback is being distributed globally, here are links to some of the bigger vendors in various countries.

I do encourage you to buy the physical book from your friendly neighbourhood bookstore if you can. All you need is the ISBN and they can handle it from there. Some naughty adult toy stores offer books too — just saying. 😉

The fast and easy link for e-book fans is books2read. Each of the three novelettes can be purchased individually at a ridiculous low price if you have a reader that happens to be supported by retailers that don’t price the book over its suggested price of $1.69 US.

You & I Erotic Tales Trilogy Novella: ISBN 978-0-9940893-1-1 SHOULD BE $8.95 US so watch that you don’t pay too much.

You can try tapping the photo to find many retailers around the globe via boook_link, or continue below for individual links sorted by country if their site is having issues.








If you own an Apple, Kobo, Nook, or Tolino product, just tap your icon and you are all set. I will introduce some of the others:

  • Indigo (Chapters) is a popular retailer in Canada supporting Kobo e-book readers.
  • Angus & Robertson is a popular retailer in Australia supporting Kobo e-book readers.
  • Mondadori is a popular retailer in Italy supporting Kobo e-book readers.
  • Thalia is a book retailer serving Germany, Austria, and Switzerland supporting Tolino e-book readers.
  • is a popular German online retailer supporting Tolino e-book readers and maybe e-pub. My German is not that good. LOL

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