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I’m not sure if readers know how much they melt the cold black shrivelled hearts of authors when they tell us how much they enjoyed our books.

Six months in. . .

The glass is still half-full. 😊

I now have an Author Page on books2read, a.k.a. Draft2Digital.

I had a listing on What To Read After 50 Shades.

Thank you for including me.

I had a listing on Topless Cowboy.

My thanks to those nice people.

All my Author Pages have been updated.

My latest blog talks about each from the book biz side. For readers who just like to explore, here are the links:

I’m new to LinkedIn (sorta). It’s hard to say if my public profile is actually “public” or if they will make you sign in or sign up to get a peek.

Draft2Digital’s Author Pages are on books2read. This is the easiest place to get an e-book for almost any reader.

On BookBub you’ll have to sign in before searching E. A. Barker or @youandierotictales.

Here’s my direct link to allauthor.

Here’s my direct link to booklife which I did under protest.

Here’s my direct link to goodreads which I did under protest.

Here’s my direct link to Author Central which I did under protest.

Thank you Mistress Domme-Unique.

I’m not sure if this is a review or an endorsement, but it’s going up. πŸ™‚

Nook Review of A Seduction Tale.

I had a listing on Discount Book Man.

I have a listing on Shout my Book.

I have an Author Interview and Book Listing on PRETTY-HOT.COM.

Visit Indie Book Browser for your next indie read.

There are lots of books in most genres to have a peek at.

Nook Review of An Online Tale

Nook Review of A Taken Tale

Ingram has confirmed the book will begin distribution Friday, July 10 at noon Central so it’s time for a press release.

A Review To Die For!

“I love how E.A. incorporated the reader into the story. It was a hoot! I’m looking forward to the next story in the series.”

“Here is my review of A Taken Tale:

This story was a lot of fun.  Being erotica, there is a lot of hot sex but what I enjoyed most was the journey getting there.  Set in a bar that reminded me of the Double Deuce from Roadhouse, the story is told from the protagonist’s point of view.  However, what intrigued me most, and the reason I wanted to read the book, was the story is written so the reader herself is part of the story.  The reader takes on the persona of a “bad girl” and the events in the second half of the story happen to her.  Between the author’s conversational writing style, excellent descriptions, and fun supporting cast, the story was a hoot to read.  This is definitely a place I would like to visit again.  I look forward to reading the rest of the stories in his amazing series.” – Cecie S.

I have a listing on Whizbuzz Books.

Book Blogger Love:

Thank you, Before We Go Blog.

ARC Review Excerpts:

A Taken Tale:

‘A fantastic erotic write from a very talented author whose storytelling flows easily with fun, caring & sensual characters.’ . . . “Proof that good reads do come in small packages. I highly recommend this novelette.” – C.S.

WIP Review Excerpts:

β€œI started to read and fell in love immediately. This is how women wish men would talk.” – Shelly M.

β€œListen up, and I mean it. This isn’t simply good. It’s groundbreaking, innovative and hot as hell. Very little moves me these days but that did it. Finish it! I want more.” – S.K.S.

β€˜Omg send more! Not even kidding! No bullshit, I want the rest of it. I love this POV and MC: Strong. Self assured. Sexy. Powerful. Hungry. Vulnerable.’ – M.C.

β€˜I love the concept, and figure most every woman out there will too. You have to continue this. Send me more. At this point I’m hooked, and if I’m the β€œYou”, then I’d do the β€œI” in this story.β€˜ – Savannah M.

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