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Week 23 Update

I forgot [or suppressed] how tough this author stuff is.

It was a sunny summer day when I committed to writing an erotica e-book, and here I am twenty three weeks later, wondering how this happened.

Where has the time gone? What have I done?

I remember telling a friend: ‘I’m just doing the bare minimum this time around so I should be able to publish in about a month.’ That was in September. I partied like a rock star in October and November so I’m pretty sure no writing happened. December brought more holidays. . . It’s not my fault.

Somewhere along the way. . .

  • One story became three.
  • I wrote >50,000 words.
  • I scrapped my old twitter page in favour of three new ones which serve to “keep ’em separated”. *Pauses to head bang.*
  • I built this website.
  • I copyrighted the work.
  • I designed a bunch of covers for my alpha-readers to choose from. [If everyone hates the cover, it’s on them.]
  • I secured licensing of the cover image.
  • I created four book cover variations.
  • I then converted those into “3D” book cover jpegs for marketing purposes.
  • I wrote the blurb for A Taken Tale.

What’s left?

  • One or two more passes editing and revising A Taken Tale.
  • Uploading to Draft2Digital. Amazon will not be able to f-ck with this one unless they acquire D2D.
  • Making ARC’s available.
  • Compiling a list of supporting book bloggers and contacting each with all the necessary tools they will need.
  • An official cover reveal for A Taken Tale which coincides with ARC availability.
  • Once the early reviews start coming in, a release date will be announced. I would guess mid-March is the earliest we can hope for at this point.
  • Whizbuzz Books is the likely social media promoter of choice at this time.

Lathe, rinse, repeat two more times.

I would expect An Online Tale and A Seduction Tale to follow in each successive month following the first release.

Nah, nah. No vacation for me; at least not a long one.

Ideally the Trilogy paperback will be released September 1 which presents a whole new set of challenges meeting IngramSpark’s POD criteria.

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