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Week 36ish: Zoiks!

Where to begin?

Being an indie publisher sucks and blows simultaneously most of the time, but there are good days which any good masochist will rationalize into a reason to continue.

Zoiks, A Taken Tale received a stellar review.

I’ll put the link here, but gushing is not where I’m going with this. My Do-I-Suck-Aphobia is at an all-time low so I decided to publish the Trilogy in paperback as a result of the positive feedback I’ve been receiving. This is where the crying starts.

Zoiks, I only have 14 days to get this done.

If I am to take advantage of discount codes from IngramSpark, I’ll have to “kick names and take ass”. How hard can it be?, he asked, having blocked out the last time he did this where it took months working with experienced people. The e-books are published so it can’t be that tough, right?

I just have to copy and paste three stories and I’m done more or less.

  • My cover needs a spine, a back cover design, and a bar-code.
  • You can’t make a bar-code without an ISBN.
  • An ISBN could take until May 27.
  • You can’t make the spine unless you know how thick the book will be.
  • You won’t get an accurate page count until you resize your MS and redo the funky typesetting you used in the e-books to make them more one-handed-reader friendly.
  • Then there is book pagination formatting.
  • The title page has to be changed.
  • The Copyright page will have changes.
  • The Dedication pages will have to be combined into a single page.
  • You’ll need a Contents page now.
  • You’ll need page numbers to work out a table of contents.
  • Do you have page breaks everywhere so the conversion to PDF doesn’t get messed up?


Zoiks, I spent a day on pagination and typesetting.

I’m still not sure the front title pages are right. I’ll have to double check that.

Zoiks, I lost four hours attempting to resolve embedded page numbering issues.

I had to delete two pages and recreate them to clear the issue.

Zoiks, I found glaring errors in the third e-book.

Kill me now. You fix one thing only to create new problems.

  • A simple font correction led to blank pages in at least one e-book.
  • I guess I was tired so I missed: a missing word; a word that doesn’t belong; and closing some quotation marks.

Don’t worry about how indie authors are handling isolation. We always have crap to deal with.

Later today, corrected e-books will be uploaded before getting back to the paperback.


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