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The $1.99 Author was born here.

Almost two years ago now, I began chronicling my You & I series’ book publishing and book marketing journeys here on this blog. Readers were able to see some of the steps, and a little of my decision-making process, as I attacked the indie-publishing world on my own without a safety net. The end result was a high-value product which readers seemed to enjoy. With every book you write and publish, you become more aware of what works and what doesn’t where the latest trends and “expert” opinions are concerned. Over the last five years I have written over 30,000 words related to book publishing so I took those articles and added 25,000 words of “polish” to bring writers and book authors a fun guide to the publishing arena.

The $1.99 Author has a Press Release which shows just how much fun you can have as an indie-author if you don’t blow a lot of time and money doing it.

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