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Week 40: Are you done yet?

La-la-la la LA-la-la.

Oh hi.

I suffer from OCD which in my particular case means Obsessive Completion Disorder. I have difficulty moving on to a different project while waiting on things beyond my control which would allow me to finish the book consuming my thoughts for months. The upside is you tend to produce works of above average quality because of your singular focus. The downside is in order to keep your focus, you must be careful what you let into your brain. Diversions are the order of the day. My time spent on twitter has doubled as has my alcohol consumption.

If Ingram doesn’t send my galley soon, I can’t be held responsible for the resultant author scandal.

I had hoped their production date of the 22nd was simply a way of erring on the side of caution, but it’s been almost two weeks without an email from them—so I wait.

I’ve been doing a little reading each day which is nice. . .

Unless you pick a really disturbing book. Don’t ever ask me for a book recommendation unless you can somehow find the inverse of my suggestion.

The extra time spent on twitter resulted in my needing to escape from COVID, social unrest, and thoughts of those who benefit from them, without further increasing my alcohol consumption. Digging into my TBR stack, I pulled Dan Brown’s Inferno without having a clue what it’s about.

Only I could pick a book this poorly.

It’s true. Believe it or not, I picked a random book about plague, the World Health Organization, the Counsel on Foreign Relations, and the planned culling of humanity.

Yup, I’m that good.

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In book business news. . .

I have managed to create a pretty impressive email recipient list of potential vendors, reviewers, and book bloggers which is not so easy when you write erotica. The only thing left to do is create a spiffy press release to send them. By the looks of things, I have at least a couple of weeks to do a day’s work which only perpetuates my aforementioned concerns about misbehaving on social media and a costly stint in rehab.

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