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Week 42: The Stork Came Twice

My new baby is so cute and tiny compared to her big sister.

My first went twelve trimesters, while I pushed this one out in just over three. I’m pretty sure the one I’m pregnant with now can see the light of day in two if I knuckle down for the rest of the summer. I need only complete the final phase of the launch promotion—the e-mail campaign—to move on.

Gazing down upon her nakedness for the first time. . .

After freeing her from the swaddling, the first thing I noticed about my new baby was her colour was a little “copper-ish” when compared to the flesh-tone coloured print of the digital artwork. This is nothing new as Ingram is known to take some “creative license” which can change cover colours rather dramatically from batch to batch. I presume a trainee machine operator gives it a quick look and says: ‘Looks good to me.’, and off it goes. We are only low volume “indies” so their best and brightest are not likely to ever see or work on our books. Additionally, knowing something of how print companies work, it is entirely possible their Spark and Lightning Source POD books may be coming off older machines. Truthfully though, this look is growing on me the more I look at her. The copper against a matte-black background does make it—dare I say it—kind of sexy, which is what we are going for in this genre.

Photo by Gantas Vaičiulėnas on

She’s such a dirty girl.

And she’s not modest about showing it. I’m a bachelor—ergo my “pad” tends to be a little on the dusty side. My fingerprints on her black matte skin act like magnets for any particulate matter she might lay down in. FYI: Cleaning her can be accomplished by wiping her across your chest while wearing a cotton t-shirt.

Petite is hot and size matters.

Choosing a size of book is a double-edged sword if you are attempting to be competitive. Further, there is a minimum page count required in order to be able to print on the spine. Let’s face it, a book without a printed spine is a pamphlet; leaflet; comic book; magazine . . . pretty much anything but a book.

My first book, Ms. Creant: The Wrong Doers!, was a librarian’s dream. They could buy a big 8 x 10 paperback instead of forking out extra for the hardcover. HOWEVER, many indie readers accustomed to buying 5 x 8 offerings thought I was gouging. I vowed not to make this mistake again.

The You & I Erotic Tales Trilogy is a novella.

Books of this length present some printing challenges.

  1. It must have a printed spine or I won’t bother.
  2. It must be lower cost than most novels because of its length.
  • You can only make a font so big.
  • You can only add so much front and back matter.

I scaled this book down to the size of the smallest paperback on my shelf: The Oxford Thesaurus. At 4.25 x 7, all the criteria could be met. While I cannot say exactly what the suggested retail price will be until I move to the next ‘Distribution’ step of publishing, I will say my author copy was about half of the cost of taxes and trackable shipping so things are looking good.

A limited number of review copies will be made available on a first come, first served basis.

Tell your book blogging friends to get in touch in case they are not on my list.

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