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Week 45: The Climax

Done. Done, and SO done!


The You & I Erotic Tales Trilogy is starting to show up in bookstore listings, although not in my frigging country. Come on Canuck book-sellers. . . you can’t all be staying home.

Step 1: Create a press release.

I hear some authors have trouble with this, but I can’t imagine why. 90% of it is lifted from your website; while the other 10% is the who, what, when, and where nuts and bolts news about your book.

Step 2: Research and compile a list of retailers, book bloggers, and influencers.

If there was ever a reason NOT to be a multi-genre author, it would be that for every genre there is a different list which can take up to a week to make ready. Doing this once for a single genre, and keeping it up to date, is, in hindsight, suddenly looking really good. I wonder if I will ever be that organized? It could happen. Who am I kidding?

Send a bazillion e-mails.

“Ah, the life of an author must be so interesting”

“Yeah. It’s right up there with working on an assembly line.”

230 book bloggers tagged on social media and 137 emails later—not including replies or site contact submissions—we be done. People interested in erotica books will either buy it, list it, merchandise it, review it, post it, or ignore it. It’s out of my hands now; other than dropping a few quatloos on advertising to keep the dream and hope alive.

If you are an erotica author, don’t expect engagement. The vast majority of women who read the genre do not let the whole world know about their inner bad girl. Put your book in front of carefully targeted potential readers and hope they whisper about it to a friend.

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