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My Nice List.

I will be your secret Santa.

Writing books is hard. Publishing books is harder. Marketing books is harder still. Writing, publishing, and marketing erotica books is the hardest of all . . . but it can also fun. Doing it in 2020. . . well. . . some will call it being dedicated . . . I lean more towards: Are you frigging kidding me?, but this post is about spreading some holiday cheer.

My Christmas message for authors and everyone else is simple: Love them.

Love your supporters: past and present. Without them, you would not be where you are today. It’s not so easy sometimes—especially when you have parted ways inexplicably or needlessly—an all too common occurrence in book world with its semi-anonymous membership, cliques, and the social media-spun falsehood that people are disposable and easily replaced.

To the mysterious muse who came and went . . . I hope you know I finished the trilogy because of you, and I hope you ordered yourself a copy as a keepsake. I love you.

To the women whose deeds inspired these stories, I love you.

To the kind reviewers I was blessed with, I love you.

To the secret readers around the world who bought the book to indulge in reading erotica as a guilty pleasure, I love you.

To the people who altruistically promoted and/or continue to promote my book, I love you.

To the ladies on twitter who keep me going, week in and week out, by making me laugh or by showing me their boobs. . . I love you.

Some say I love too easily or too many. I don’t think they love enough.

Happy Holidays, sexy readers, and never forget you are always loved.


If you haven’t quite caught the Xmas bug yet, I have two more for you on my Ms. Creant and Blog Madness sites. Keep smiling.

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